Build InteriorStructure Bio-Dome

Interior Structure that acts as the main food production facility.

Arguably the most important structure in Planetbase, the Bio-Dome grows Vegetables through Vegetable Pads that in turn can be processed into Starch for Bioplastic production or Meals in the Meal Maker. In addition, the Bio-Dome can produce Medicinal Plants which are used to make Medical Supplies, as well as Trees which Colonists can look at to restore morale.

There are two main types of plants: Vegetable Plants and Starchy Plants. Vegetable Plants produce 3 Vegetables of their respective type, while Starchy Plants produce 2 Vegetables and 1 Starch.

There are five Starchy Plants: Peas, Rice, Potatoes, Wheat and Maize, and five Vegetable Plants: Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions, Radishes and Mushrooms.

Peas, Rice, Tomatoes and Lettuce grow faster but require higher maintenance, while Maize and Mushrooms require less maintenance but grow slower.

Efficiency is a measure of pad locations per resource cost, with an additional metal and plastic added for the connection to the rest of your base.

Size Cost Consumption* Capacity Efficiency
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 2 Resources Bioplastic Small 1.5 Stats PowerConsumption 4 Pads 1.333
Large 5 Resources Metal Small 5 Resources Bioplastic Small 2.5 Stats PowerConsumption 12 Pads 2
Very Large 7 Resources Metal Small 7 Resources Bioplastic Small 4 Stats PowerConsumption 16 Pads 2
Massive** 10 Resources Metal Small 10 Resources Bioplastic Small 5.5 Stats PowerConsumption 24 Pads 2.181

*Values may change depending on components used, time, or other variables

**Requires Tech to unlock






  • GM Tomato Pad
  • GM Onion Pad

Notes Edit

Plant pads must be maintained by a biologist. Maintaining a pad does not require any other resources. If a pad's condition gets to very poor, the pad will stop producing food until it gets repaired. A biologist can maintain about 2 - 3 pads.

Food diversity is an important aspect of keeping colonists alive. To avoid becoming malnourished colonists must consume mixed meals instead of only basic meals to improve their diet.

Medicinal Pads produce medicinal plants, which are used at Workbenches in a Lab to produce Medical Supplies.

Pine and oak trees can be planted in the Bio-Dome to improve colonists' morale. Each tree produces a small amount of oxygen during the day and consumes half that amount during the night.

A patent for Farm-Domes, the largest size Bio-Dome, can be acquired as a technology.

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Medium Bio-dome