Build Connection "Connect these two structures"[1]

A very short Connector

All structures need to be connected to the rest of the base in order them to function properly.

Connected buildings share power and water, and in the case of interior structure, connections allow oxygen to flow and colonists to move between them.[2]

Size Cost Consumption*
Varying** 1 Resources Metal Small and additional 1 Resources Bioplastic Small for internal connections 0.45 to 1 Stats PowerConsumption

*Consumption is based on the connection's length not size.

**May vary form Small to Large and is based on the smaller of the structures being connected.

External ConnectionsEdit

External connections are used to connect a structure to an external structure. There are visually two types of connections: a flat walk path, and a cable. They function the same way but follow a certain rule on what type of connection is made: flat connections are always made between all external structures with the exception of two Mines, and cable connections are always made between external structures and internal structures with the exception of Airlocks.

Internal ConnectionsEdit

Internal connections allow passage for colonists between internal structures. Unlike external connections, the size of an internal connection is important especially for structures with components that are placed on the structure's side as it may limit the number of components that you can place. As an example, large Dorms that are connected via large connectors can only fit 8 bunks, but when connected by a medium or small connector, you can fit up to 9 bunk beds.

Recycling ConnectionsEdit

You can recycle a connection, as long as there is another connection that links the structure to the base. You will retrieve the resources that were used to build the connection. If the connection is the only link of the structure with the base, the connection cannot be recycled.

If you recycle a structure, all connections to it will be recycled with the exception of 1. So if you have a structure with 3 connections, you will retrieve the resources of the structure plus 2 of the connections. You always lose 1.


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