Build InteriorStructure Lab

Interior Structure where your Medics and Biologists manufacture Medical Supplies and Vitromeats.

Medical Supplies are manufactured on a Workbench, while Vitromeat is produced in a Tissue Synthesizer.

Size Cost Consumption*
Small 1 Resources Metal Small 1 Resources Bioplastic Small 1 Stats PowerConsumption
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 2 Resources Bioplastic Small 1.5 Stats PowerConsumption
*Values may change depending on components used

Components Edit

Workbench Edit

Size Cost
One Size 1 Resources Bioplastic Small
A place for a Medic to make Medical Supplies.

One Medicinal Plant and one Bioplastic creates one Medical Supplies.

Tissue Synthesizer Edit

Size Cost Consumption
One Size 1 Resources Bioplastic Small 0.5 Stats PowerConsumption 0.25 Stats WaterConsumption

Vitromeat is produced here.

A Tissue Synthesizer will automatically produce one unit of Chicken, Beef, or Pork Vitromeat without any resources required for production. Like Vegetables, they must be maintained by a Biologist.

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