Build ExteriorStructure LandingPad
"Basic landing facility. Small colonist or trading ships can land here."
Landing pad edited
The landing pad is a very important part of your base and is required to obtain more colonists. Building it unlocks the Landing Permissions panel, which allows you to restrict which types of ships are permitted to land at your colony. By default, both Colonist and Trader ships are allowed.
  • Colonist Ship: Brings 1-3* new colonists to your base. The profession of each colonist is based on the percentages you set in the Landing Permissions panel. Colonist ships will not arrive if your colony's welfare is too low.
  • Trader Ship: Brings a selection of goods, coins, bots, and techs for you to purchase in exchange for your goods and coins. Click on the trade ship to open the trading window.
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Visitors landed at landing pad.

The landing pad also allows you to build a Starport, which handles larger ships and unlocks the Tourist ship type. Note that the ship types allowed in Landing Permissions apply to all landing sites, so small Tourist Ships may land at the landing pad once Tourists are unlocked. Large Colonist Ships that land on the Starport may carry up to 4* colonists.

Once you have built the Starport you are allowed to remove the regular Landing Pad, but not before.

Cost Consumption
4 Resources Metal Small 5 Stats PowerConsumption

Trading Edit

You can sell any unused resource in your base. Input resources to production stations are not available but output resources are available. Resources assigned to construction (buildings or components) cannot be traded, regardless of whether they have been delivered to the construction site yet. Note that the main UI's resource counter includes resources assigned to construction, so if items are "missing" from the trade window then they are likely sitting on the ground somewhere waiting for construction.

Each trader charges a fixed markup, which is visible once any item has been selected for purchase. The markup appears to be random* and varies between 35% and 65%*. The trader effectively overvalues their own items by their markup value. For example, a trader with a 40% markup values your Bioplastic at 10 but values their own Bioplastic at 14.

Once you have agreed to a trade, your colonists will carry your goods to the trader's ship. You can select the ship to see what goods still need to be delivered. Coins are transferred instantly*. When the trader has all the items you promised they will complete the trade and leave. Purchased goods will be dumped in a pile on the landing pad, and colonists will eventually move them to a Storage dome.

If you hold the left mouse button down, you can speed up the counter. If you shift-click, you can add/remove 10 items at the time.

Item values:

Item Trade value Value add

(Trade value - Component value)

Alcoholic Drink 5 0
Meal 5 0
Starch 5 -
Vegetables 5 -
Vitromeat 5 -
Bioplastic 10 5
Ore 10 -
Metal 15 5
Spares 15 2.5
Medical Supplies 25 5
Semiconductors 40 15
Gun 80 15
Carrier Bot 80 15**
Constructor Bot 160 95**
Driller Bot 160 95**

** Bots cannot be sold

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Statements marked with * seem to be correct but have not been rigorously tested.

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