Build InteriorStructure Oxygenator

Interior Structure that uses Electricity to extract Oxygen from Water.

Oxygen produced here will flow to any connected Interior Structures rendering them habitable.

When a structure is selected, the info panel will show its current level of Oxygen; when it is low, the structure will be colored in red and a warning sign will appear on top of it.

Size Cost Consumption Colonists Supported*
Small 1 Resources Metal Small 1 Resources Bioplastic Small 1 Stats PowerConsumption 1 Stats WaterConsumption approx. 20 Colonists
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 2 Resources Bioplastic Small 1.5 Stats PowerConsumption 1.5 Stats WaterConsumption approx. 30 Colonists

  • At maximum power

It is important to note that, even though you may have enough oxygen for your entire base, larger structures with lots of people in them, such as sleeping quarters with lots of bunks, use up the oxygen much faster in those particular sections & will leave that area with not enough oxygen; again even if you technically have enough oxygen for the entire base. If you notice certain sections going in the red, you can build another oxygen generator nearby those sections to ensure an adequate flow of oxygen to those areas.

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Medium oxygen edited

Medium Oxygen Generator

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