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Planetbase is a strategy game in which you guide a group of space settlers trying to establish an outpost on a remote planet, and face the harsh conditions of the new frontier.

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Interior structures
Exterior structures
Food maker
Base mangement
Interior Structures Exterior Structures Resources Techs Colonists Food
& Recipes
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  • discussion page Talk:Visitor
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    Comment: How much money they give you?
  • discussion page Talk:Canteen
    new comment by Skjrinfuru
    Comment: Tables increase morale of colonists, and if you have a smaller canteen it is best to put a 4 table since you can only fit 1 2-people table in a...
  • discussion page Talk:Wind Turbine
    new comment by Skjrinfuru
    Comment: Wind Turbines are good but sometimes unreliable as the game can troll you by having a few days with no wind, and especially on Planet S if you don't...
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    Summary: Early Game:
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    Summary: Scenario 4 - Dark Moon:
  • discussion page Talk:Trading
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  • discussion page Talk:Trading
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    Comment: Techs: Gigantic Solar Panel, Goliath Wind Turbine, Massive Storage, Farm Dome are each 400 The two bots patents plus water extractor and two DNA...
  • discussion page Talk:Bots
    new comment by Skjrinfuru
    Comment: Tip: When you are past the early-game phase and has started making bots, set the manufacturing limits to unlimited because bots are just so useful,...
  • discussion page Talk:Meal
    new comment by Skjrinfuru
    Comment: For me the best ratio for Pasta ingredients is 2:1 with 2 being wheat and 1 being tomatoes if u have enough biologists, and if ur short on biologists...
  • discussion page Talk:Bio-Dome
    new comment by Skjrinfuru
    Comment: For a starter Bio-Dome for Planet D and F I would opt for the 5*5 because it has 3 times as much pads as the 2*2 and doesn't suck up that much...