Electricity is required to power structures and components placed within structures.

Electricity can be produced by solar panels and wind turbines as well as stored using power collectors.

Day/Night Cycle Edit

In Planetbase, electricity "ticks" 30 times per minute. During each tick, every building's listed power rating is subtracted from the Power Grid (or added in the case of Solar Panels & Wind Turbines). Excess/deficit power is then applied to the Power Collector(s).

On Class D and F planets, electricity ticks only 20 times per minute during the night.

For example: Edit

  • On Class F "Ice" Planet
  • 18 kW of electricity are being consumed
  • 30 kW of electricity are being produced by a Solar Panel
  • During daytime: 12 * 30 * 12 = 4320 kJ of electricity are stored
  • During the night: 18 * 20 * 12 = 4320 kJ of electricity are discharged

(What is seen from this example is that on Class D and F planets, generating just 67% more power than what is used results in a perfect balance of full charge vs full discharge of Power Collectors, because it is more efficient to charge Power Collectors during the day and to discharge them at night.)