Build ExteriorStructure PowerCollector "Stores electricity to use when none is generated"[1]
Large power collector edited

Large Power Collector.

Power Collectors store excess Electricity produced by your grid. The stored charge is then available for use during times when you consume more Electricity than you generate.

Size Cost Capacity
Small 1 Resources Metal Small 5000 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 7500 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Large 4 Resources Metal Small 12500 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Very Large 7 Resources Metal Small 20000 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage


Adding the cost of one connection, 1 metal, to the cost of building the actual power collector, the power storage is therefore 2500KJ per metal regardless of size. The advantage of larger power collector is denser power storage on a fixed area.


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