You will need to manage a variety of Resources to keep your base running. They will range from raw resources like Ore and Starch, to finalized products like Semiconductors or Guns.

Resources decay and will ultimately disintegrate when not in a Storage or inside a component, so it's important to keep them in a safe place.

Resources from the Colony Ship are more durable and will take longer to disintegrate, but it is still a good idea to store them eventually.[1]

The upper right status panel can be toggled to show resources. Be aware that this panel includes resources that have already been allocated to machines or construction sites. When resources have been reserved, the panel adds indicators to the icons to show the degree of availablity:

  • Yellow arrow: Some of the resources are not free
  • Orange arrow: More than half of the resources are not free
  • Red cross: No resources are free

You can hover your mouse over the resource icon to see the exact number of available units.

Raw ResourcesEdit

Raw resources are resources obtained from structures like Mines or components like Vegetable Pads and does not require other resources to be consumed in the process.

Resources Ore
Resources Starch
Resources Vegetables
Resources Vitromeat
Resources MedicinalPlants
Ore Starch Vegetables Vitromeat Medicinal Plants

Intermediate ResourcesEdit

Intermediate resources are produced by components using other resources as ingredients which can then be used as is for building structures or components or used as ingredients for Finalized Resources.

Resources Metal
Resources Bioplastic
Resources Semiconductors
Metal Bioplastic Semiconductors

Finalized ResourcesEdit

Finalized resources are resources produced by components using raw and/or intermediate resources. They can only be used as is and can no longer be processed any further.

Resources Meal
Resources AlcoholicDrink
Resources MedicalSupplies
Resources Spares
Resources Gun
Meal Alcoholic Drink Medical Supplies Spares Gun


Resources Coins Small


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