The Security Controls panel allows you to control the alert status of the colony.

There are 3 main settings:

  1. No Alert: All colonists go about their duties normally.
  2. Yellow Alert: All colonists stay indoors and Medics and Guards are on extended duty. You might choose to use this setting during a Solar Flare or Sandstorm to prevent colonists from getting hurt. You might also activate this setting during an attack, to ensure that all available Guards attack the intruders .
  3. Red Alert: Same as Yellow Alert, but all colonists will try to attack any intruders , with weapons if they have them, or without if they don't. You might activate this setting when you have no Guards to defend the base, or when they have been overwhelmed by the intruders .

Important Notes Edit

In order to implement these Security Controls, a Control Center must be built.

The Shortcut to access this window is F6.

When in Red Alert with guns in storage on the base, colonists will go to where the gun is stored to pick it up, then proceed to attack the intruder. When all intruders are dead and base is set to No Alert, the guns will be returned to storage if colonists have not died with them.