Build InteriorStructure SickBay

Interior Structure where Colonists and Visitors can get medical treatment from Medics.

This is a dead-end structure; it can only have one interior connection.

Size Cost Consumption Capacity*
Small 1 Resources Metal Small 1 Resources Bioplastic Small 1 Stats PowerConsumption 5 Beds
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 2 Resources Bioplastic Small 1.5 Stats PowerConsumption 8 Beds

*Requires minimum gap between Beds

Components Edit

Bed Edit

Size Cost
One Size 1 Resources Bioplastic Small

Injured colonists will lie in a bed and remain incapacitated until a Medic can heal them with Medical Supplies. However, they will still consume Base resources.

Medicinal CabinetEdit

Size Cost
One Size Resources Bioplastic Small

A medicinal cabinet is a structure placed in Sick Bay. Medics will place (max. 4) Medical Supplies into the cabinets to store for use on future patients. This allows for faster medication, as well as seperate storage of other resources.

Notes Edit

Medics are unable to heal themselves. If your only medic becomes injured, try to get new colonists before your Welfare degrades.

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