Build ExteriorStructure SolarPanel "Generates electricity from light (as long as there is any)"[1]
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Massive Solar Panel

Solar Panels produce Electricity based on available sunlight.

Size Cost Generation* Generation

on Ice Planet***

Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 30 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage 15 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Large 4 Resources Metal Small 50 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage 25 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Very Large 7 Resources Metal Small 80 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage 40 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Massive** 10 Resources Metal Small 110 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage 55 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage

*Values may change depending on time of day and other variables

**Requires Tech to unlock

***50% generation on Ice Planet


Adding the cost of one connection, 1 metal, to the cost of building the actual solar panel, the power generation per metal is therefore 10KW per metal regardless of size. The benefit of using larger Solar Panels is denser power generation on the same area and reduced cost and time of maintenance.

Day-Night cycleEdit

The amount of Power generated goes from none to max at dawn, and goes down at sundown.

On planets with an atmosphere (Desert and Ice), the day/night cycle is 3:2. On airless planets, the day/night cycle is 1:1. It can differ in custom challenges.


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