Vitromeats are artificial meats produced at a Tissue Synthesizer in a Lab. There are three types of Vitromeat: chicken, beef and pork. They are used in Meal Makers in Canteens to produce Meals. More variety meals, the better. Players are advised to build a tissue synthesizer and the lab once the base of the colony has been established.

Out of the three types of meat, chicken is the one with the highest chance of producing a mixed meal: while all three types of meat are interchangeable in recipes to make Burger (combine with Wheat or Maize) and Pasta (combine with Rice), or a Salad recipe.

As of, every meat can create Salad or Pasta or Burger.

Growth time (s) Food produced Food per min
Chicken 203 3 0.89
Pork 203 3 0.89
Beef 203 3 0.89
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